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17 March 2009 @ 02:28 am
Check out my handmade earrings!

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28 January 2009 @ 03:25 am
Remember when I used to write in this little eljay? It's hard for me to remember...

But it's almost 3:30am and I can't sleep. I have 3 classes and 5 hours of work tomorrow...11am-9pm. Uh...yeah. Don't know if I can make it to all of that on so little sleep! I am feeling sick, so this could be a good excuse to do a little skipping...

Anyway, I have been working on a paper all night for one of my social work classes about my family history & the values I learned from my family. It was actually really interesting to write and I learned a lot of new things about my family. My parents have fascinating lives. I didn't realize how much until I interviewed them for the paper. They truly are amazing people and I am blessed to be their child.

Unfortunately my brain is not functioning clearly and I cannot seem to get anything else of substance out...

Maybe I'll start writing here again. Maybe not. At this point who knows. This is my busiest semester yet and it will only keep getting busier...but this used to be such a great outlet for me. Perhaps it would help once again to throw my thoughts out into the internet for strangers to read and occasionally give me feedback on...that might be nice. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to meet the man of my dreams through cyberspace like Meg Ryan and get bouqets of newly sharpened pencils...or maybe I'll just get some good You've Got Mail icons and call it a night.

I overuse ...'s

Ok. Maybe sleep now? I hope so!
25 July 2007 @ 12:47 am
Ok, so I really do think I want to move to wordpress...I mean, so, you should go check it out. haha. surenough.wordpress.com

I'm almost finished with Harry Potter. But it's driving me nuts b/c no one else I know has read it, so I can't talk about it to anyone!!!! My sister is supposed to read it after I finish, and all I have to say is she better read FAST.
23 July 2007 @ 12:40 am
So, I'm trying wordpress out.

21 July 2007 @ 01:52 pm
Sometimes I wish there was something that could write my thoughts for me. I always think of things at the most inopportune moments and forget them when I'm actually able to write. Or by the time I write one thing, I forget about the other thing that seemed so important. Of course, I would miss the sound of pen scratching on paper and trying to hold down the other side of my journal and changing my handwriting depending on my mood. I might even miss the sound and feel of my fingers on the keys. In the search for something easier, the beauty of the entire writing process could very easily be lost. Of course, isn't that the modern American dream? Doing or making something brilliant without actually doing any actual hard work? And we slowly lose the beauty of the growth and learning work initiates and the satisfaction that doing and finishing it can bring.

Wow, that unintentionally got pretty deep...
I love just walking around the office and hearing bits and pieces of the crazy conversations going on...
+ so-and-so needs to know that he shouldn't pick his nose during a job interview
+ Elvaide got someone else to help her with her food stamps, except she can't remember her PIN #
+ don't buy refugees ground beef - they won't eat it, "how do you know it's really beef?"
+ some of our refugees have never used a light switch and yet some do-gooder thought it would be a great idea to donate their used george foreman grill...
+ this single mom from Burundi let's her kids play on the stairs and the drug dealers that live below her said her baby keeps falling down the stairs. she says the baby hasn't fallen. who do we believe?
+ new burundi case. family of 9.
+ who wants to teach 10 Burmese men how to use public transportation?
+ well, someone thought he was Mexican and started shouting "hola!" in a horrible southern drawl...he's from Burma (Southeast Asia)
+ getting a refugee a job is nothing short of a miracle...
+ and, oh yeah, did you watch [insert name of ridiculous competition show here] last night?

That's just a very few...

I love it when adorable foreign children come running to me and basically jump into my arms...It's basically the best feeling ever.

I am currently reading Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, thanks to the informal, always delayed book club at the office. It's very good, you should read it. Ali writes so genuinely about her life and struggles and she breaks your heart.
About 2 weeks ago at my internship, I took some shoes to a poor Burundi family of 6 who recently arrived in the US as refugees. I learned two words in Kurundi, "Amaki" means "How are you?" and "Neza" means "good." They all laughed a bit when I tried to say them. It can be awkward to try to work with people who you can't exactly talk to, but I'm learning. It gets less and less awkward the more I do it. The father is definitely trying hard with his English - he would repeat a lot of what I said and say the few words he knew as much as possible. The case managers have told me to emphasize English with refugees, so I kept saying, "shoes" very deliberately and pointing. The father eventually started saying it, too. The children loved their "new" shoes. The youngest girl got lucky with 3 shoes that fit, so she gathered them all around her. The oldest brother, however, managed to jam his feet into a pair of them so he could have his own. I felt bad though, because none of them fit the oldest daughter. I tried to figure out her shoe size so I could get her a pair...but I'm horrible at guessing that kind of thing. I think I might go through some of our old shoes and take them to her to see if any will fit.

Last week, I didn't have much to do at the internship. It was strange because I'm usually running around constantly up there. A new intern started Thursday, Christina, and intern Carl took us and 10 Burmese men on the city bus & train to show everyone how to get around. It was definitely interesting! It took FOREVER. But we did go all the way to the other side of the city.

This week, I'm supposed to meet a new Burundi lady. She's a single mom with 3 children. Burundis are some of the hardest cases, and hers in extra tough. She's never used a light switch, been to school, or anything related to the Western culture. Refugees' journeys certainly don't end once they get here - everything's just beginning! Since she's such a challenging case, I'm going to keep checking up on her for the rest of the summer. Help her with grocery shopping, taking care of the kids, teaching English, and really just being with her. She has no car and no clue about her environment, so I know she must get lonely and tired. I'm really excited about getting to meet with her on a regular basis. I'm usually just in and out of refugees' first few weeks, so it will be good to be more involved with one family.

I'm getting kind of sad though because I only have a month left - & since I'm only working there 2 days a week, that's not much!
19 June 2007 @ 11:28 am
So, lots has happened since the last time I posted. I finally started my sweet internship, went on family vacation to the beach, got my orientation date, etc. Still haven't found a paying job. Ha. Sad day. But everything else has been great.

Hopefully, I'll write some details later.
31 May 2007 @ 12:40 am
So, this week has been full of fun.

Yesterday I went to a local outlet center and applied to 5 or 6 stores. I didn't get the job at my church, some stupid boy who had worked there before got it. Supposedly it's because he didn't have to be trained, otherwise I was the next choice - like it's that hard to clean toilets. I've definitely done it before. haha. Oh well.

Now, I'm definitely scrambling to find a job. I'm hoping to get some calls soon...ack. If nothing else, I need money to pay for the gas to get me to my volunteer internship! Nice. I hate gas.

Today, I went to sign the lease for the apartment I'll be living in come August. I was finally able to look at one, and it's pretty nice. The biggest plus is that I get my very own room. Woot woot. I'm pretty excited. My 3 roommates & I are getting together soon to figure out all the fun (HA!) stuff. I just can't believe we're going to have our own apartment. I want to cook a lot. :)

I also talked to a financial aid lady today who said that I should get the extra money from all my scholarships...which means I could use that extra couple thousand dollars to pay for most of my rent for the whole year. I can't even describe how absolutely awesome that would be.

Oh, and my cousin lives near the university, so we visited & had lunch. She introduced us to this lovely restaurant where I ate a delicious chicken salad sandwich, accompanied by pita chips and delicious fruit. And can't forget that special mint sweet tea. Mmm mmm. Delightful.
24 May 2007 @ 12:44 pm
So, I'm officially accepted at that big university I wrote about here! WOOHOO!!! Now I can actually plan on going there for real. Hoorah!!! Now I have to get to work...hehe.